Tuesday, 20 November 2012

The trip to the Petronas Art Gallery

I cant remember when we went to the art gallery at KLCC, but i remembered that it was actually pretty, cool. I went there with my mindset thinking that it would just be alright, there wasnt much to look at a gallery, of course other than the art there. But to my suprise it was rather interesting. There was one picture  that i really liked. I cant really describe it, and i couldnt take a picture of it too. I tried looking for it in the internet but to no avail. I wish i wrote this post earlier or rather right after the trip, haha. I cant even remember the picture now, but i remember the sensation and thought that lingered in my mind. It left an impact on me, one that clinged on subtley for days.

I definitely respect artists now. They are able to convey their emotions, thoughts, ideas, messages, expressions, etc, through a stroke of their brush, a drop of paint, it intrigues me how they are able to pour their passion into something, to create something out of nothing. They tell stories that might never be heard, stories that most wouldnt understand. I envy their ability, to tell tales and stories without words, to brighten minds without light.I guess the saying ' A picture is worth a thousand words' is true.

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